Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Adam Milner collects and examines traces left behind from his longing for human connection. He makes archives, performances, and drawings which reveal a personal vulnerability while examining broader politics of relationships and intimacy.


Conversation Around a Pot

Through the performance of a nearby phone conversation, passengers are taken through the course of a relationship. Quiet yet audible, the story of separation, miscommunication, and longing unfolds over the duration of the ride.


Ariel Abrahams

Artist, Writer, Spirit Warrior

New York City, USA


Rony Efrat

Artist, Translator, Language explorer

Paris, France

Ariel Abrahams and Rony Efrat write together but have not yet met in person. Ariel creates experiences in the form of long walks, shabbat dinners, and sleepovers. Rony explores the potential of belonging by writing manuals, translating poetry, and recording conversations with strangers.


Coincidence is a Beautiful Lover

Storytelling via text message on the subjects of love, coincidence, and landscape. The narrative will be constructed as a conversation between the two artists. Participants will have the agency to reply all. Digital = Public = Landscape.


Artist Collective

Boston, MA (Scranton, with clams)

The Biennial Project is a collaborative project by Eric Hess and Anna Salmeron exploring the nature of biennial exhibits within the art world, with the goal to develop a body of collective work that will be exhibited in as many biennial exhibits as possible, especially the really cool ones.


Fung Wah Biennial Red Carpet Interviews

Biennial Project artists will interview Fung Wah Biennial participants and spectators on the meaning of biennial exhibits within the art world, the dynamics of transportation/ migration between cities, "who" interviewees are wearing, and other pressing issues of our time.


Film Maker, Story Teller


Bryan Chang is a documentary filmmaker whose films have been featured in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, Sundance Film Festival, and MoMA. He directed the feature documentary Brasslands, and lead edited the award-winning Narco Cultura. He is an owner of the filmmaker collective and production company Meerkat Media, and is a regular guest instructor in visual storytelling at the NYU Journalism Institute.


Artist, Public Investigator, Writer, Professor

New York City, USA

Chloë Bass is a conceptual artist focusing on the co-creation of performances, situations, installations, and publications, all dedicated to deep questioning of daily life. Her current project, The Book of Everyday Instruction (2015–2017), is an investigation into one-on-one social interaction.


When we get there, we will know more than we know now.

Join this field trip to the R.F. Kampfer Revolutionary Literature Archive. This archive operates out of the home of collector Bradley Duncan. We will explore materials specifically related to Philadelphia’s leftist history. Thought exercises will also be provided.


Artist and Educator
Brooklyn, NYC

Dillon de Give is an artist and educator acting in a spirit of humane experimentalism. He stages subtle alterations to everyday performances that aim to distribute art in public experience. Dillon holds an MFA in Social Practice from Portland State University and helps raise a child in Brooklyn.


Documentary Stretching

Sited en route to Baltimore at the time-honored highway rest stop, Documentary Stretching is a participatory relaxation activity that will take its direction from employees of corporate fast food restaurants or other establishments at the rest stop.



New York City, USA

Eric Doeringer is an artist who remakes artworks by other artists, exploring the relationship between the “copy” and the “original.” He has exhibited at institutions including MoMA PS1, The Brooklyn Museum, Mass MoCA, La Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, MUSAC (E), and Museum Brandhorst (G).


Boston - New York Exchange Shape (after Douglas Huebler)

Eric Doeringer will recreate Douglas Huebler’s 1968 artwork Boston - New York Exchange Shape (part of MoMA’s permanent collection), adding an exchange of time to Huebler’s exchange of space.


Alex Nathanson and Dylan Neely

Performers: Elizabeth LoPiccolo, Rhys Ziemba, Jon Myers

Audiovisual collaborative duo

New York City, USA

Fan Letters is an audiovisual collaboration between Dylan Neely and Alex Nathanson. Their work combines sound, video, programming, and handmade instruments into playful interactive performances falling somewhere between noise, chamber music, experimental cinema, cartoons, political commentary, and schoolyard games.


Music to Another City

Fan Letters will be composing an open instrumentation musical work using environmental landmarks and highway infrastructure as cues. Musicians perform a series of notated and graphic score cards in relation to the passing outside environment.


Conceptual Artist

Allston, MA USA

Kapplow is a self-trained conceptual artist. She creates engagement experiences that elicit unexpected intimacies using objects, alternative interpretations of existing environments, installation, performance, writing, audio and video. Her work has received government and private grants and has been included in galleries, film and performance festivals in the US and internationally.


Mix and LOVE!

Pass in the night. Speak in passing. Only a signal. Distant voice in the darkness. Ocean of life. Only a look and a voice. Darkness again. Silence.


Tour Guide, Arts Administrator

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Through extensive travel and a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Jonah Levy strives to elevate personal geography and the communities we observe, interact with, and impact in a significant way. His immersive experiences are designed to tap into our enthusiasm, knowledge, and value in the spaces around us.


Everyhere Northeast Travel Agency

Everyhere Northeast Travel Agency is an interactive performance that asks participants to discuss their travel experiences and learn about their destination city through a database developed to connect America’s creative diaspora.


Artist, Independent Curator

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Joshua Caleb Weibley’s work in drawing, sculpture, and subtle performative gestures addresses time, taking obsolescence and nostalgia as markers highlighting breaks in its passage.


If It’s Free, You’re the Product! If I’m Playing Alone, Who Wins?

Microsoft Solitaire continues to cast shadows on the design of contemporary devices since it first appeared with Microsoft Windows in 1990. In If It’s Free, You’re the Product! If I’m Playing Alone, Who Wins?, a solitary performer repetitively plays Microsoft Solitaire on a vintage ‘90s laptop.


Keith Hartwig

Artist, Designer, Adjunct Professor

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Daniel Newman

Architectural Designer

Philadelphia, PA + New York City, NY, USA

Keith Hartwig and Daniel Newman are artists, designers, and technologists exploring the intersection of media and the built environment. Through installation and interface design, their work encourages participation and interactivity.


Lux Transmissive

The LED persistence-of-vision display mounted on the charter bus will display an ephemeral string of light and data voicing the attitudes, sentiments, and perceptions of the bus patrons and its critics.


Artist, Researcher

Copenhagen, DK

Through lectures, internet projects, exhibitions, and interventions, Kristoffer Ørum explores the narratives of a contemporary everyday. Drawing equally from sources of pseudoscientific knowledge and critical theory, he creates new associations and narratives for familiar objects and phenomena.

Wireless Tongues

You log onto a free wireless network. Familiar sites have become infiltrated by semi-recognizable metaphors and photographs of body parts. It is as though the internet has begun speaking in tongues.


Magali Duzant

Artist, Producer

Queens, NY, USA

Magali Duzant has exhibited internationally, most recently in Sydney, Berlin, and St. Petersburg. She is a recipient of a 2015 Queens Council on the Arts grant for Live Streaming Sunset, a multi-hour live sunset public work. In 2015 her book I Looked & Looked was published by Conveyor Editions.

The Fung Wah Express
The Fung Wah Express is a risograph newspaper created around the transitory experience of riding from one city to another: both news and entertainment; meant to be read, passed on, shared, and annotated.



New York City, USA and Puebla, Mexico

Manuel Martagon is an interdisciplinary artist interested in how people relate with each other, and very curious about what we all do with our spare time and resources. Manuel is fascinated with the ways in which people solve everyday situations. He works mainly in video, photography, and performance.

Welcome/ Departure Witness Opportunities

A series of performances in the form of the familiar rituals of goodbyes and greetings will unfold at each bus station. The display of these typically intimate passenger moments might make you wonder about what is really going on with the person next to you.


Artist, Curator, Designer

Guadalajara, Mexico

Marco Castro is an artist and curator for digital art in New York City (The Met + Queens Museum) and Mexico. As an artist, his work nurtures urban communities in practical and playful ways, like in his Bus Roots project, which outfitted empty city bus roofs with lush gardens.

Roots and Baggage

This project will transport a living garden inside a suitcase, pointing to the many opportunities and closures experienced as one moves from one place to another. It will also be an opportunity to share the living herbs as a tisane as we move from one city to the other.



Toronto, Canada

A friendship forged on a mountaintop. Toronto artists Jessica Vallentin and Marjan Verstappen seek the overlooked in their individual and collective practices. Their practice is site specific, exploring public performance and elements of socio-geographic research.

Fung Wah Onboard Service

Steeped in old-fashioned luxury, our friendly onboard service is here to keep you comfortable. Soak up the atmosphere outside the bus while enjoying our luxury onboard complimentary snack and beverage service.


Artist, Writer, Geographer, Educator

Baltimore, MD, USA

Megan Wiessner is a visual artist and researcher with a background in geography and history. Her projects focus on the links between material resources, economies and aesthetics, and the role of taste in the ecological issues surrounding urban development and popular consumption.

From Bauhaus to Our Bus: The Transport Textiles of Intercity Buses

Delving into the politics of design and the manufacturing origins of coach bus upholstery, this presentation and publication ask how these textiles shape how we feel and understand ourselves in spaces of transit.


Artist, Independent Curator

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Michael Barraco is an interdisciplinary artist interested in post-natural histories and the collision of the natural world with human infrastructure. In 2015 he exhibited with the Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Art and was an artist-in-residence at the Ayatana Artist Research Program.

Bird Songs for the Last Migration

An archive of pop songs that take birds as their primary subject comprise the main element of an interactive audio experience. These “birdsongs” provide the soundtrack for the passengers’ own migratory journey.


Emily Ensminger

Organizer, Artist, Curator

Greensboro, NC, USA


Sophie Trauberman

Organizer, Artist, Writer, Start-up employee

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Pines // Palms is the collaborative project between Emily Ensminger and Sophie Trauberman. They construct process-driven creations inspired by the day-to-day operations of service, comfort, maintenance, and living systems.

Resilience of Comfort (2016)

Resilience of Comfort is a series of discrete interruptions to the Chinatown bus environment, featuring custom-made seat-back pockets holding a limited-edition zine, items that benefit a weary traveler, and tools to document the nomadic experience.


Artist & Creative Coder

New York City, USA/ Shanghai, China

Roopa Vasudevan is an artist, creative coder, and researcher currently based in New York and Shanghai. She is interested in utilizing technology in order to explore and expose patterns in our culture and behavior, and in examining our interactions with computers and the internet as source material.

eMOTION Mapping

eMOTION Mapping is a mobile application and web-based map that aims to visualize passengers' states of mind in transit between cities, and which allows for emotional comparison between routes, times, and specific journeys.



Raised in Tel Aviv, working in Brooklyn, NY, USA

Ruth Patir holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Aside from participating in and organizing temporary art venues, Patir has shown her short films at festivals and museums including MoMA’s New Directors/New Films and Petah Tikva Museum.

Dreams don’t mean anything

This multi-episode podcast provides an intimate window into the subconscious psyche of the bus drivers of the original Fung Wah bus company.


Performance Artists, Writers, Designers

Queens, NY, USA

Abigail Entsminger and Seth Timothy Larson are founding members of San Antonio-based performance collective the Aesthetic of Waste. Derived from a theatrical background, their artistic focus is the collaborative production of plays and installations.

The Legend of Buspar

Our intention is to create a theatrical piece that translates the grand, sublime spectacles of the proscenium arch into the space of two bus seats: the epic crammed next to the bus toilet.


Artist and Filmmaker

New York City, USA

Sunita’s works investigate social movement and employ methods of hybridization between documentary and fiction, such as the insertion of hyperbolic intimacy into public space, drag performance as intervention into online communities, and “misgendered” reenactments of interview transcripts.

Presumptuous Live

This participatory performance is the latest and most expanded addition to the ongoing series Presumptuous, in which seeming strangers interact in wildly intimate ways in the public thoroughfares of cities around the world.


Artist, Professor

Boston, MA, USA/ Prague, CZ

In her nomadic life, Tereza questions familial and societal roles applied to bodies that classify and engender them. Swanda has recently received the A.R.T. Fund award to pursue her soap project, Capital Cleanse, Impermanent Resident.

Impermanent Resident

In Impermanent Resident Tereza provides 200 bars of soap, questioning the process of “naturalization.” Each participant erases an engraved word, such as gender, used to identify an individual in a Certificate of Naturalization.



Copenhagen, Denmark

Ursula Nistrup is an artist interested in the psychological and material dimensions of sound. Her work is a sensible transport from movement to matter—or vice versa—using sculpture and installation, and employing text, video, performance, and drawing.

On the Moods of Sound (2010 + 2016)

Join a mental sound journey guided by words done in 2010 (Istanbul) and redone during Fung Wah Biennial. In the attempts to travel, to be there, and to reconstruct the actual sound, the real travel begins.